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We use flexible project management application

{ Posted on Dec 04 2013 by viktor.dujmovic }
I believe artists - just like the rest of the world - often have deadlines and they really need to be organized in order to meet the needs of their customers. In the past, we used to write a 'to-do' ...Read More »

Global Connections Art Contest

{ Posted on Aug 06 2013 by viktor.dujmovic }
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Categories : art contest
Dear art lovers! Our art contest Global Connections is closed and we have a winner to announce! Thank you all for participating and for your valuable votes! All the submitted works will be featured in the Maniera art magazine, so you're ...Read More »

Yolande Havenga – Member of the Month

{ Posted on Jul 05 2013 by viktor.dujmovic }
Please let us introduce you Yolande Havenga, an ARTIST (Fine Art/Contemporary) who have became our Member of the Month back in June. Yolande was ready to answer some questions, so we hope this short story will help some emerging artists to find ...Read More »

Member of the month – Updated

{ Posted on Mar 08 2013 by viktor.dujmovic }
Regardless of your membership level at Global Art Net (free, featured or premium) You can easily become the Member of the Month. A new announce plate has been set up with the new site layout. This section is shown on ...Read More »

Artist membership levels at Global Art Net

{ Posted on Feb 21 2013 by viktor.dujmovic }
Categories : Community news, membership
The Global Art Net online artist community is free : all artists, suppliers and employers can join free of charge. Artists can upload their artworks, write tutorials, participate in our online art contests, create and promote their own art events ...Read More »

SEO friendly URL structure for Your artwork

{ Posted on Nov 19 2012 by viktor.dujmovic }
Website URLs are of crucial importance in the onsite Search Engine Optimization process. Every page on the web has its URL. Sometimes and some of them are hard to remember because they have no sense to us humans, or they ...Read More »

Art Contest “My Friend” – results

{ Posted on Nov 02 2012 by viktor.dujmovic }
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Categories : art contest, artwork
The art contest "My Friend" has come to the end. Thank you all for participating, your submissions are highly appreciated. Though there can be one official winner of this contest, we believe you ALL won the admiration of our readers. ...Read More »

Ryan Nore – Artist of the Month in September

{ Posted on Oct 15 2012 by viktor.dujmovic }
On the basis of the artists' activities on our online art community and the quality of the submitted content, Ryan Nore was the Artist of the Month in September! Ryan is a graphic artist : illustrator, caricaturist, web designer, developer ...Read More »

Art Tutorials – Why write and why read them

{ Posted on Oct 02 2012 by viktor.dujmovic }
Do you remember the time you took your crayons and drew the first tree, house, your parents and dogs as a child? Perhaps no one showed you how to draw those square pants and five-legged cats. You had your own ...Read More »

Artist of the Month in June : Kimberly Joyce

{ Posted on Jul 11 2012 by viktor.dujmovic }
Our most active member in June 2012 was Kimberly Joyce, an artist from the United States of America. She is an active member of the Global Art Net community since November, 2011. According to our terms and conditions Kimberly is ...Read More »